West Seattle Blog… | REAL ESTATE: Campbell Building, the landmark of West Seattle Junction, goes up for sale

(Undated photo of historic nomination document)

Five years after local preservation advocates had two buildings in the heart of West Seattle Junction designated as city landmarks, one is up for sale – the Campbell Building at the northeast corner of California/Alaska. A check of commercial real estate listings shows the century-old brick-clad building went on the market Thursday for an asking price of $6 million. It is a mixed-use building, with apartments and offices on commercial spaces, the three of which are currently occupied by Cupcake Royale, City Mouseand Shanghai hair salon. Monument designation does not necessarily guarantee the preservation of a building; the latter’s listing notes, “The NC3P-95 zoning provides a significant development opportunity for one of the junction’s most important corners.” By vote of the city’s monuments board in April 2017, the building’s exterior was declared a monument, but the interior was not; elsewhere in the city – Capitol Hill, for example – redevelopment projects have preserved historic facades at the bottom of new buildings. As noted in our 2017 coverage of the Campbell Building designation, the building has been owned by the same family for nearly 80 years, and they have not objected to the designation. (Here is the city’s document on the historic status of the building.)

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