The LAB is here: the Legacy Arts Building collective is ready to party


LIMA – Visit Alter Ego Comics today and you will notice an unusual company. The store is now home to Purple Feet Wine Boutique, the Legacy Sounds recording studio, and NOW Marketing Group, which have formed a collaboration known as the Legacy Arts Building, or LAB for short.

The LAB is part of a popular campaign to make Lima cool again by supporting local artists and entrepreneurs, acting as a creative space for aspiring entrepreneurs and a space for artists to showcase their original works.

Up front of the LAB you’ll find Alter Ego and Purple Feet Wine Boutique, with a wine bar and a selection of local wines, cheesecake slices, comics, and collectibles.

Opposite the bar you’ll see Legacy Sounds, a recording studio founded in Lima that now works with local and regional artists.

A little further afield you’ll find Live at the LAB, an intimate event space where these artists perform and which has previously hosted concerts, comedy shows, quiz nights, and other alternative events that the founders of LAB did. hope to become a popular place for original artists.

The space opens onto a patio and CASA park, with outdoor seating available.

On the other side of the LAB, you’ll find NOW Marketing Group, which moved its offices from Elida to downtown Lima to be part of the Legacy Arts movement.

Several years in the making, LAB is a joint venture between Alter Ego owner Marc Bowker and his wife, Angie; the founder of Legacy Sounds, Omar Zehery; Marketplace hangout and Shop for Good co-owners Jennifer Brogee, Sarah Stover and Kayla Nocera; Jessika Phillips and Alisa McPhéron from NOW Marketing Group and Melanie Kirchenbauer, founders of Purple Feet Wine Boutique.

The group has come together to boost Lima’s art scene and create a positive image for the city, focusing on local artists and entrepreneurs who can create the places people want to visit.

The LAB plans to host live music and other events each week, starting with the Legacy Arts Street Party on Saturday and the Free Comic Book Day the following weekend.

The space will also be available for hire, accommodating DJs and small theatrical productions, but the focus will be on “shining a light on people who create original content,” Bowker said.

Alter Ego owner Marc Bowker, front, addresses a crowd of supporters at the Legacy Arts Building’s grand opening ceremony on Friday.

The Legacy Arts Building collective is ready to party

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