The Chic Home: Compact one bedroom condominium full of surprises

SINGAPORE – Is it possible to fit a loft into a one-bedroom condominium with a ceiling height of 3.75m without it feeling cramped?

As the founder of design company Wolf Woof, Carmen Tang, illustrates in this 527-square-foot home in the northern part of Singapore, you can.

The owners, a couple in their forties working in the automotive industry, had a short but precise wish list. In addition to a sleek Japanese style with wall covering, they wanted a loft space. The Japanese look was easy, but building the loft was more difficult due to the height of the unit, says Ms. Tang.

In the original design, the condo developer used brick-patterned wallpaper and uninspiring furniture and millwork.

To create a neater and more seamless impression, Ms. Tang covered more surfaces with laminated wood. These include a recessed ticking door that opens and closes with a simple push and conceals the entrance to the bedroom.

Wolf Woof’s signature design strategy also appears in the living room’s custom-designed TV console, which resembles a planter.

Meanwhile, the addition of the loft required a significant reconfiguration of the living room and dining room, which Ms. Tang used to rip out existing kitchen paneling and create a new kitchen island overlooking the pool.

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