“She treats me like an inconvenience”

College girl feels like her dorm mate is constantly turning her on.

She posted about the dilemma on Reddit‘s”Am I the A******?“forum. Every time the roommate calls her romantic partner on call, she asks the poster on Reddit to leave the room. Every time the Reddit poster confronts roommate over issue, roommate invents excuses. Now the Reddit poster feels intimidated by the housemate for no reason.

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“I’m a freshman, and my roommate and I don’t get along,” the student wrote. “She just seems to consider me an inconvenience and wants nothing to do with me. She constantly calls and faces her girlfriend, which is fine with me, except she asks me to leave the room every time.

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“She’ll ask, and when I express that I don’t think I should have to do this, she’ll say ‘but she’s sad’ or ‘but it’s cold outside so I can’t leave’ or something. to make me feel bad about it She acts like I don’t give her what she owes when I feel like it’s not my problem if she needs a private call to call. She also has her girlfriend on the phone all night – like in her sleep – on speakerphone. It brings me into this intimacy, and it’s super uncomfortable. I can hear his girlfriend breathing and snoring through the phone and everything.

The Reddit poster even overheard her roommate talking about her to their mutual friends.

“When his girlfriend visited him they smoked in the room without asking me after she said no to me a few days before when I checked with her if my friends and I could smoke here. Later that night, around midnight, she asked me to sleep in someone else’s dorm because they “just wanted to spend a night together.” She treats me like an inconvenience – like I just imposed on her by existing,” the student noted.

“I feel gassed, manipulated and intimidated. She’s always mean to me, even to our mutual friends. Today I caught her saying bad things about me to our mutual friends after telling her I wouldn’t leave the room for her to call her girlfriend (I’m sick today she knows ). I feel like I’m not crazy, but I just need reassurance.

Redditors thought the roommate was disrespectful.

“You should talk to your resident assistant and the housing department and see if you can change dorms. She looks awful,” one person noted.

“Your roommate is very selfish and entitled,” another wrote.

“Your roommate looks like a kid”, someone commented.

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