Podcast: Boston College Women’s Coach Jason Lowe on Building a Culture

Boston College women’s head coach Jason Lowe during a team practice session. (BC Athletics)

The last guest on New England Football Diary ‘The Goal’ Podcast Was Boston College Women’s Head Coach Jason Lowe.

He joined the host Matt Langon in the studio for an exciting discussion that touched on Lowe’s vision for bringing BC back to the ACC and the national championship, his recruiting tactics and more.

Lowe, a native of Shaker Heights, Ohio, was named head coach of Boston College in January 2019. In 2021, he guided the Eagles to a 7-10-1 record.

Prior to that, he was a longtime member of the coaching staff for the women’s team at Wake Forest, another ACC program and where he also played as a goaltender from 1994 to 1997. In fact, Lowe joined the Wake Forest team. He also had a successful five-year stint coaching the Alabama women’s team, before returning to Wake Forest.

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Here are some highlights from our chat with Lowe on the latest episode of “The Goal”:

On what brought him to Boston College:

Lowe“I’ve always loved the ACC as a player, as a coach, and I mean, it’s the best conference in America, and the jobs don’t open up too often. So when this one comes up is open, I jumped on it and was lucky enough to go through the process and get selected. It’s been a dream come true, especially for my first time as a head coach.

On the culture he wants to create in BC:

Lowe“First of all, we just want really good people in our program. You know, it’s a tough place. We tell them all the time – you study at one of the best schools in the country, you play in the best conference in the country and you’re in the middle of one of the best cities in the country, right? So coming in isn’t for everyone. It’s a really tough, high-level environment. intensity to play. We want kids who are wired to want to succeed in this area. And then on the pitch, we want to play attractive football.

Boston College women’s soccer head coach Jason Lowe in the studio for “The Goal” podcast. (Photo by Steve Safran)

On what BC needs to do to get back in the championship game:

Lowe“I think one of the big things is just finding our identity, that I think we’ve kind of made really good progress in solidifying it, so when we get to playing in the ACC, we know who we are, what we do well, what adjustments we need to make.

On what he’s looking for on the recruiting track:

Lowe“I always like a story when you talk to kids about what motivates them and what really motivates them. I think if you go through our locker room there are a lot of really interesting stories, whether it’s just hardships they’ve been through, or just someone ignoring them, or just something that really drives them every day. It’s ‘I want to be awesome.’ We always talk about ‘us’ just having a mentality of us on me We are on a big stage in terms of football and academia So if you take care of the team whatever you want individually will happen for you. And then my biggest thing is just having an attitude of gratitude. My kids can’t say ‘thank you’ enough and they’re really, really good at it.”

On athletes doing multiple sports before college:

Lowe: “I like when they have different disciplines, because I think it adds balance to their life. I think they have different opportunities to lead and be part of a team. So for me , I always tell them if they can make it work, that’s great. I usually call it don’t get hurt season. If they play another sport, I don’t want them to get hurt before they come to us. But most of them take care of themselves, and that’s not really a problem. So I’m a big proponent of that.

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