Mother of University of Lincoln student stabbed in dorm who killed fellow student, shares outrage over campus incident

In an exclusive interview, the mother of a Lincoln University student Eric Dickersonwho was stabbed in a campus dorm and held his friend as he died in his arms from a stab wound to the neck on Wednesday night, speaks out BLACK CORPORATE about the horrific incident that traumatized her son.

Authorities were called to the Historically Black College and University on Wednesday after a report that three students were stabbed and one was left dead after a fight in a dorm on the Lincoln University campus, CBS News reports.

Erica Dickersonowner by and mother of one of the victims, Eric Dickersona senior at Lincoln U, says she is devastated and spent the night in the hospital crying and consoling her son.

“It’s really heartbreaking. I’m hurt,” Erica said BLACK BUSINESS.

On Thursday morning, Erica explained that her son had witnessed the murder of his best friend Jawine Evans, 21. Eric was also a victim and was stabbed in the back, side and arm by a woman who is said to be the mother of a struggling student.

According to Erica, her son Eric heard a commotion and witnessed a fight in a dorm on the Lincoln campus where he lived and was due to graduate this summer. Erica said she was told a grown woman was seen brandishing a knife and stabbing students, including her son.

Other sources report that the knife-wielding woman is believed to be the mother of a student who called her at school for support after an argument. This information has not been confirmed by the police.

After hearing a commotion, Eric is said to have come out of his room as a fight took place between students. Erica says Eric was then stabbed multiple times.

Erica Dickerson and her son Eric who was stabbed at Lincoln U on Wednesday (Courtesy Erica Dickerson)

Eric’s best friend Jawine was stabbed in the neck and was bleeding profusely in Eric’s arms as he held him.

“Eric saw that his friend had been stabbed in the neck and he was trying to help. Pressure it (stab wounds),” Erica said.

She said her son Eric didn’t even know he had been stabbed three times.

A GOFUNDME was set up to help the Dickerson family with growing bills and costs.

Erica said her son Eric and Jawine are inseparable best friends, having traveled together to Mexico, Puerto Rico and Miami to see the world.

“He’s gone. He’s gone. I loved that boy. Erica said in disbelief about Jawine who died from his injuries.

“It was their last year. They were supposed to graduate in a few months,” she said of graduating classes.

Erica said her son was home from the hospital after being rushed to Christiana Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware late last night. The incident was first reported at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday on the 1500 block of Baltimore Pike.

The distraught mother said her son called her from the ambulance as he was taken to hospital.

On Thursday morning, Lincoln University released a statement on the incident offering “thoughts and prayers” to the victims and affected families.

“We are deeply saddened by the incident that took place on campus last night. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. We take the safety of our students seriously and are working with local authorities as an investigation is ongoing. We have no further comment at this time,” the statement read.

Erica, however, wants more than thoughts and prayers and is committed to taking action and taking legal action.

“Why was it so easy for her (suspect) to get up there?” the worried mother asked about the alleged suspect.

“My son was stabbed in the neck. My son was stabbed three times,” she said.

According to his website, “Lincoln University was founded in 1854 as the nation’s first historically black college and university, or HBCU.” Last fall, some 1,767 students were enrolled.

(Editor’s Note: Story has been updated to reflect correct spelling of Jawine Evans’ name)

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