Miami Condominium Rescue Crews Face ‘Strong Smell’, Israeli Soldiers Helping Search


Israeli soldiers participate in the rescue operations on the surfside, Florida Rescuers say they have to face many obstacles, such as the smell of corpses under the rubble.

“They smell a heavy, heavy body odor, and acting when you have that odor on the scene is a very difficult challenge,” Israel Defense Forces commander Ellad Edri said. Floridian..

Mr. Edori is on the site Champlan South TowersAs part of a building that collapsed last week israeli governmentEfforts to support rescue operations. The commander says he and other workers digging through the rubble face many challenges.

“There are dangers in the mountains,” he said. Noted.. “The first is the weather. The second is that it is always moving.

The rain often interferes with the search, and the instability of the remaining towers that are still standing is of concern as the rescue teams are actually rescuing the crew. Suspended their work Lest he collapse Thursday morning.

In addition to these physical dangers, Edri said there was also the psychological challenge of working in a very worrying situation.

“The idea that under all this concrete, all the steel, there is a person buried there, maybe a little boy,” explained the soldiers, who are very difficult to manage and continue to work.

Apartment in Miami Collapsed At least 18 people have been killed and 145 are missing around 1.30am last Thursday.

According to Edori, it was less likely to find a survivor in the rubble after a week, but he has not disappeared.

“It’s possible,” he said. “We think we’re unlikely to find him. [people] Like the experience of previous operations in the world, we are alive because we have found [survivors] After 10 or 12 days it’s unlikely, but I think it’s still possible here. “

israeli government Several search and rescue personnel To the surfside disaster area, including a team called the National Rescue Team. Miami-Dade County has a large Jewish community, with more than 20 Jews missing in the collapse.

Israeli rescuers worked long hours with their American responders in the search. And now is the 8th day.

“It’s possible,” Edri said. “It’s hard to imagine and believe, but I think we’ve brought hope here.”

Miami Condominium Rescue Crews Face ‘Strong Smell’, Israeli Soldiers Helping Search

Miami Condominium Rescue Crews Face ‘Strong Smell’, Israeli Soldiers Helping Search

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