Citrineland Corporation Launches Second Residential Condominium – The Median Flats

CITRINELAND Corporation has launched its newest high-rise condominium project, The Median Flats. This is his second condo project after their first launch in 2019 successfully sold out in six months.

The Median Flats is a place for young professionals looking for an affordable smart home and pet-friendly condominium.

Located in Lawrence St. Lawrence St., Apas, Cebu City, The Median Flats is located less than 10 minutes from Cebu IT Park and approximately 15 minutes from other landmarks such as schools, churches, shopping malls and work and leisure centres.

With 711 residential units, The Median Flats offers studio, one-bedroom, studio loft, and one-bedroom lofts that fit the lifestyle its guests want to live. There is also an option to merge two or more units, allowing customers to have a larger space.

All units are equipped with smart technology which includes an IP camera, a motion sensor which turns on the lights when someone arrives and triggers the alarm, and a digital smart lock which can be opened in four ways: via a application, a six-digit access code via a panel display by the door, RF card or via a manual key.

“Taking market ideals, lifestyle and values ​​to heart, we at Citrineland have planned a home where you can always feel that success and opportunity are within reach,” says Marketing Manager Sheela Fariñas from Citrine Land. “And so, we made sure that The Median Flats designed well-thought-out facilities without taking much from your bank.

“We’ve added an open-air cafe-like lobby on the ground floor and a lounge that opens out to the outdoors, perfect for relaxing or hosting your Zoom meetings in style. You can cool off or work out at the Plunge, that’s what we call our pool. You can also relax on one of our two garden terraces to enjoy the outside view or just catch up on some of your favorite K-dramas. It’s the perfect place to be,” she added.

In addition to these wonderful amenities, The Median Flats is one of the few projects here in Cebu where pets are allowed. From birds and cats to small dogs, feathered or furry housemates are welcome to enjoy city life with their owners.

Considering the lifestyle and safety of its future owners, The Median Flats is built with standard construction features such as a covered landing stage, three passenger elevators and one service elevator, detection and detection system. fire alarm, individual mailboxes and backup power.

Whether clients are buying or investing, The Median Flats is truly a place where they can do more and be more.

Interested customers can download booking forms from or email [email protected] Follow “The Median” on Facebook for more news and updates. SPONSORED CONTENT.

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