Your childhood bedroom staples are now trendy dorm room decor


Do you remember the joy of decorating your bedroom when you were a child? You took control of what was on the walls and your bedspread. As an adult, you’ve probably sent your kids off to college with chic dorm room decor.

But if you want to send them some trendy items to add to the start of classes, House Beautiful has some news. Many of the items you used to love in your bedroom are now back in fashion.

“It’s no surprise that we come back to everything from the dream canopy bed that made you feel like real royalty to tons of pastels. Even collages and posters in the form of raised mood boards and framed artwork are cool again, ”the magazine said.

Here are some dorm room decorations that are making a comeback for college life in 2021.

Fairy lights

Also called fairy lights or fairy lights, fairy lights are a good way to add coziness to a room. You also don’t have to stick to the holiday style.

“Decorative string lights are also available in many different designs, including vintage-looking Edison bulbs, sleek orbs, and even lantern-shaped lights,” Better Homes & Gardens said.


Perhaps the quintessential dorm room decor, posters can do more than show off your pop-cultural interests.

“Posters can be used for all kinds of purposes,” Homedit said. “They can add color to the room and they are a great choice for minimalist interior settings. They are just the pop of color the room needs. Posters can also be part of a theme and can help bring a room together. They can also be used as works of art and they make great decorations.

Door curtains

Beaded curtains, like the Yin Yang Bamboo Bead Curtain from Urban Outfitters, are back in fashion.  (Courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

The 2021 version of the bead curtain entryways uses a variety of materials. In addition, it makes it easier to divide a shared space.

“Depending on the style of the space, you can use fabric, crochet, or wooden beads to block a doorless frame without having to install a door,” House Beautiful said.

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