You can get a small 3D printed studio for just over $ 100,000


CULVER CITY, Calif .– A small California startup is looking for printers to solve the housing crisis – in fact, a very large 3D printer.

The company, Mighty Buildings, presented small studio models (350 square feet) of its new “ADU” (accessory living units) for backyards and selling for around $ 115,000. That is, if you do the job and deal with local governments to get all the permits, connect the utilities and install the unit. Have Mighty install it for you, and you’re looking for around $ 184,000.

Sam Ruben, the co-founder of the company, says Mighty can have the house up and running in just over two weeks. He credits a very large 3D printer (43 x 20 feet) with the ability to generate the materials for the frame, using a gel that instantly hardens when touched by light. Robotic arms scan the objects and pour the gel.

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Mighty has just started and is completing the first of several homes in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego. But Ruben has big plans.

He predicts that around 100 homes will be created by the company in 2021, followed by at least 1,000 the following year.

Ruben said the idea was conceived as a way to help resolve the housing crisis. By using 3D printing and new technologies, Mighty can dramatically speed up the construction process.

ADUs are a building, either attached or detached, that goes into the back or side yard of an existing residence. ADUs are generally considered to be a guesthouse or additional living space that can be added to the Airbnb rental pool.

Mighty calls itself a “modular prefab building company” and claims it is fully compliant with all aspects of the California building code, including Title 24 on energy and other standards. The company offers a standard 10-year warranty on all structural systems.

Close-up of the 3D printer hardware that serves as the basis of the Mighty Buildings 3D studio

Ruben compares Mighty to Sears kit homes from the turn of the last century, which were preassembled and put together by the owner with a hammer and nails – and the help of a neighbor.

The difference here is that the building process can go much faster.

“Building a house shouldn’t take months,” Ruben said. “We can do an entire shell in a day.”

It takes two weeks to complete a studio and three weeks for the one-bedroom model, which starts at $ 160,000. All units are equipped with a washer-dryer, a dishwasher and a small kitchen.

Mighty currently only has one working printer, but is in the process of adding more.

“The long-term vision is to have factories, to minimize logistics costs and to create a new category of jobs,” Ruben said. “Right now we don’t have enough people to build all the houses (in traditional construction) … We hope to create a new generation of workers.”

Ruben said the 3D printed wall reacts the same as normal drywall in that you can put nails and screws on it, and his tests show that it will withstand rain and hurricanes.

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