WKU dorm residents ask for mold after months of no change

The Barren River District Health Department has no power

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – SStudents in a Western Kentucky University dormitory say they are so frustrated with their living conditions that they have started a petition for the university to fix their dorms.

When the air conditioning starts up in McClean Hall, the residents of the dorm prepare for continuously loud ventilation noises and if you look closely you can see the mold inside the ventilation.

Nicole Brunner, second-year resident at McClean Hall, said: ‘I used to be very healthy before I came here, and now every time I come home it’s something. It’s dropped, a bit of the flu, mono. I have a permanent mold cough now, it feels like I smoke 10 packs a day.

She went to the doctor in January when she first noticed her symptoms of a mold cough. Her doctor wrote a note explicitly saying mold was the culprit, and she couldn’t continue to live in that environment if she wanted her immune system to recover. She says there were no changes for her or anyone in the dorm here at the end of the semester.

Also, two weeks ago, Brunner took a shower without hot water. She asked the other residents and the dorm if they were having any issues and quickly discovered that it was a dorm-wide problem.

She said that during her life in four different Western dorms, she had problems with cockroaches, broken washing machines and took shelter from December tornadoes right next to a window.

“It definitely feels like radio silence,” Brunner said. “It sounds like everyone’s Silence radio. Our AR is amazing, but she doesn’t know all the answers.

Another McLean resident, Kayla Distler, started a petition asking WKU demanding action and a partial refund for their accommodation due to the scale of these problems.

The students were shocked to learn that the Barren River District Health Department has no authority to intervene.

Ashley McCarty, public information officer for the Barren River District Health Department, said, “Kentucky actually has no laws, regulations, or standards regarding permitted exposure to mold and buildings, this is why the health department does not have the power to react on everything. mold complaints.

Brunner said: “It almost feels like a scam because we pay so much money, but in return we get the bare minimum”

WKU Media Relations Manager Jace Lux released a written statement to News 40 when we asked him about these unresolved issues. The statement says:

“The university is committed to providing safe and comfortable living environments for our students in residence. WKU is aware of the petition currently circulating regarding McLean Hall. Housing and Residence Life staff members are meeting with residents to ensure any concerns are addressed.

News 40 will keep you posted on this story.

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