The 2022 Sasol Scholarship Campaign for a Better Future

Sasol is offering scholarships for the 2023 academic year in various fields of engineering, chemistry and geology

With mid-year exams fast approaching for matrics across the country, time is running out for you to buckle up and start envisioning the next phase of your life and how you want to shape the world with your field of studies.

If you have a keen interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the Sasol Foundation seeks to empower you to create a sustainable future for all with a full scholarship for the academic year 2023.

For the past five years, Sasol has been voted the employer of choice in the chemical and energy sector by the South African Graduate Employers Association, and with this all-expenses-paid scholarship, the company seeks to continue to train future engineers and visionaries in the energy sector.

What can I study with the scholarship?

Undergraduate studies (B.Eng. / B.Sc.)
1 Chemical Engineering
2. Civil engineering
3. Electronic Engineering
4. Electrical Engineering
5. Industrial Engineering
6. Mechanical Engineering
7. Metallurgy
8. Mining Engineering
9. Chemistry
10. Geology (Hons. is a requirement for Sasol)
11. Data Science (Computer Science/Mathematics/Operations Research/Statistics)

Scholarships are also available for postgraduate students and students already enrolled in STEM fields at public universities.

Green energy

Special consideration for 2023 will be given to students pursuing their studies in the Green Hydrogen space, which aims to develop sustainable ways to accelerate the transition from a reliance on fossil fuels to a cleaner source of energy.

In line with its clean energy vision, Sasol is conducting feasibility studies on green hydrogen, which is made by machines called electrolyzers powered by the sun and wind in the North Cape.

What should my notes look like?

Minimum requirements: Grade 12 (current Grade 12 students will apply with Grade 11 results)
The scholarships are available to those who are in matric or those who have completed their matric but have not started their first year of study.
B.Eng and B.Sc.
• Level 6: 70 – 79% for mathematics and
• Level 6: 70 – 79% for physical sciences and
• Level 5: 60-69% for additional English first language or
• Level 5: 60 – 69% for English mother tongue or
• Level 4: 50 – 59% for additional English as a second language
B.Eng. Technical engineering_ (mining survey).
• Level 5: 60 – 69% for mathematics and
• Level 5: 60 – 69% for physical sciences and
• Level 5: 60-69% for additional English first language or
• Level 5: 60 – 69% for English mother tongue or
• Level 4: 50 – 59% for additional English as a second language

General application criteria for students currently at university:

1. Current Year 1 students will apply with Year 12 results.

2. Current 2nd year students applying for 3rd year will apply with 1st year results.

3. Current Year 3 students applying for Year 4/Hons will apply with Year 2 results.

4. Hons. Students applying for a Masters will apply with the results of the 3rd year.

5. Masters students applying for Ph.D. will apply with Hons. Results.

6. Undergraduates and honors students must score 50% and above to meet the minimum criteria.

Empower the little girl

Sasol will also award University of Technology Mine Surveying Scholarships to female learners from Gert Sibande Municipality in Mpumalanga and Metsimaholo Municipality in the Free State to empower communities in areas where the company carries out its activities.

In these two municipalities and in many parts of the country, Sasol continued to invest in education and skills development through a range of outreach programs and donations.

For more information, visit Closing of applications on May 27, 2022.

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