Temple University students reveal litter-filled dormitory hallways in viral videos

Students at Temple University in Philadelphia have furiously called one of the college’s “first” dormitory complexes for letting huge piles of fly-infested garbage pile up in the hallways of their $ 800 per residence. month.

Two now-viral videos uploaded to TikTok by users claiming to be students at the Pennsylvania-based university document huge mounds of resident garbage and recycling that were apparently left to pile up in the hallways of an apartment complex off campus called University Village.

One of the clips, which was posted by a user known as @ djenebask.2, shows it filming a friend as they walk down a hallway to dump their trash in the assigned area – only to find out that garbage had already spilled out of the trash can and down the hall, leaving piles of discarded bags, boxes and other items.

“I am about to document this, because there is no way we are paying so much rent and [they] I can’t even put our trash in the trash! She exclaims, before choking at the sight and “stench” of the garbage heaps.

A pile of garbage! Two Temple University students took to TikTok to accuse their off-campus accommodation of letting huge mounds of trash pile up in their dormitory hallways

“No way”: A user named @ djenebask.2 documented the mess she said built up in the hallway on her floor at University Village in Philadelphia

She added in the captions: “Bruh, I don’t pay what I pay and I take care of this… University Village is counting your days.”

Another user, named Lindsey, shared a similar clip, revealing an almost identical scene outside the trash can in what appears to be a different hallway.

Horrified: @ djenebask.2 (pictured) audibly gagged on sight and 'smelly' of garbage

Horrified: @ djenebask.2 (pictured) audibly gagged on sight and ‘smelly’ of garbage

In her video, she claimed she was paying $ 800 per month to live in student accommodation, where prices ranged from $ 489 per month for a single room in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment to $ 904 per month. month. for a single room in a three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment.

Fees for Temple University average around $ 35,000 per year, depending on the school a student is enrolled in.

“What $ 800 in rent will get you at University Village (Temple) … Garbage and fruit flies,” she captioned the clip, before writing, “I hate it here” and tagging the official TikTok account of the off-campus housing complex.

Both videos quickly went viral on the video-sharing app, with Lindsey recording over 110,000 views, while @@ djenebask.2 racking up nearly 670,000.

The clips were also inundated with comments from other users claiming to be current or former Temple University students, many sharing their own horror stories about the piles of garbage in University Village.

“I’m on the 6th floor and it’s even worse,” one person wrote in a comment, while another added, “I still have trauma from this.”

Proof?  Another user, named Lindsey, shared a similar clip of what appears to be a different hallway in the same housing complex, revealing almost identical piles of garbage

Proof? Another user, named Lindsey, shared a similar clip of what appears to be a different hallway in the same housing complex, revealing almost identical piles of garbage



Oh no … Lindsey said she was paying $ 800 a month to live in “first” student accommodation – where the trash cans seem to be overflowing and, she claims, full of fruit flies.

A third person intervened: “It’s a joke … I live here too.”

A user who said she lived in the off-campus apartment complex – which is described on the Temple University website as the college’s ‘top choice for student accommodation’ – claimed she had struggled with rodents while residing in the building.

“The University Village was horrible! ” she wrote. “We had mice when I lived there. ”

Another said they “had cockroaches”.

Rodent and insect infestations were a hot topic of conversation in the comments section, where many warned residents of litter-riddled apartments, insisting they may well start battling rats, mice and cockroaches if the problem is not solved.

“The mice, rats and cockroaches are going to have a blast,” one person said, while another added: “Prepare for the mice to start showing up…”

Others pointed out that Philadelphia is currently experiencing a shortage of sanitation workers, noting that this may well be the cause of the piles of garbage that have accumulated in student apartments.

“Welcome to Philly where sanitation workers are limited,” one wrote, while another commented, “Philly is currently running out of sanitation workers for the city. I live in Philadelphia [and] we didn’t have our garbage picked up for almost three weeks.

Fake ad?  On the Temple University website, University Village is described as the

Fake ad? On the Temple University website, University Village is described as the “top choice for student accommodation” for college students.

Several users urged students to report University Village to the health department, with some even suggesting alerting college administrators.

However, a few people criticized the students for continuing to contribute to the trash buildup, insisting they were to blame for simply adding more trash to the growing mounds.

“Adding more doesn’t help, it’s unpleasant,” wrote one. “When my baccalaureate was full at school, I would walk and drop it off in another. ”

Although University Village is not located on the Temple University campus, it is directly affiliated with the college – which advertises it as the “top choice for student accommodation” on its website, where it also boasts of having “a professional management and staff on site ”. to meet all the “needs” of its residents.

‘Live close. College live. If University Village were closer to campus, you would be in class! the online description says.

“The convenience of a class on foot. Fitness maintenance amenities. Tools that help you succeed. And community events that keep you connected. All of them make University Village the premier choice for student accommodation at Temple University.

“Achieve the lifestyle you want with our fully furnished apartments featuring floor plans of private and shared bedrooms and bathrooms, a 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center and Academic Success Center!”

“In addition, our on-site professional management and staff are dedicated to meeting your needs and helping you enjoy your university experience at TU. ”

DailyMail.com has contacted Temple University for comment.

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