Student-athlete dies in tragic Atlanta dormitory elevator accident


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Source: Georgia Prep Sports Academy / Radio One Digital

Jaumarcus McFarland, a former high school football player, was tragically killed in Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon when an elevator collapsed on top of him, leaving him trapped between floors for over an hour. Authorities arrived at the scene after a 911 call from an eyewitness student said a young man in his 20s was stuck in an elevator and Atlanta firefighters quickly rushed to the scene . The elevator was in a building that was used as temporary accommodation for students from Clark University of Atlanta, an HBCU.

McFarland’s friends attempted to get the student-athlete to safety, but were unable to free him from the elevator. It took firefighters over an hour to free McFarland. When they finally got him out of the elevator, he barely had a pulse, but they made his heart beat faster. They rushed him to Atlanta Medical Center where he went into cardiac arrest and died moments later.

According to 11Alive, the elevator had not been inspected since August 2020. The building also had different owners when it was last inspected. The property manager says the inspection was not overdue and that the 16 athletes who were inside the elevator when it collapsed put the elevator over 1,000 pounds. But the state insurance commissioner’s office said building management is responsible for an annual elevator inspection. McFarland’s teammates said they lodged complaints about the elevator with management before the crash, but nothing was done to fix it. The elevator will remain closed until a state inspector investigates the cause of the collapse.

McFarland, originally from Missouri, was enrolled in Champion Prep Academy as a graduate student with the ambition to play college football. Champion Prep is a postgraduate academic and athletic program for students who wish to pursue their desire for a four-year scholarship at an accredited four-year college. According to their site, the program inspires students to practice, tests their character and leadership abilities, and engages them in their education. The program provides assistance to basketball, football and baseball players who wish to continue their educational and athletic careers after high school. Most postgraduate students are enrolled in a one-year program. Some receive a full scholarship to a college or university based on their performance in the program.

McFarland’s family, friends and coaches were devastated by his death. They plan to honor his memory this coming season.

There is also a GoFundMe set up to help pay for his funeral. If you want to contribute CLICK HERE


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