PC Building Simulator 2 announced as an Epic exclusive coming later this year

PC Building Simulator was a surprise hit in 2018, turning the boring stuff I have to do before I can play games into the game itself. Now a sequel has been announced, due later this year, which will also let you customize and repair PCs with precisely modeled parts. It will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Here is the announcement trailer:

The joke is this: hey, you can’t buy a graphics card in real life these days, so why not buy one in this game instead. But there’s a legitimate, jigsaw-like satisfaction in assembling fake PC parts, whether or not you care about clock speeds or LED lighting. I say this as someone who not only doesn’t care about these things, but actively finds my PC disgusting. I hate that stupid, shiny, oversized, dust-covered box, and would gladly replace it with a cloud.

Imagine how much you could love PCBS if you do not do hates the physical aspects of your PC. PC Building Simulator 2 aims to improve on the original, with more details on its models, more than 1200 licensed computer parts from real manufacturers and a career mode of more than 30 hours. This career mode is all about the “repair shop experience”, and I’m guessing you theoretically practice fixing your own PC beyond turning it off and on again.

PCBS2 is developed by Spiral House, a UK studio best known for providing development and porting support to other developers. The original was developed by Kiss Claudiu in partnership with The Irregular Corporation. Irregular Corp’s parent company, Tonic Games Group, was purchased by Epic Games last year, which might explain why this sequel is an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Interestingly, the original game and its DLC have apparently sold over 2 million copies, and a freebie on Epic late last year has apparently been claimed by 11 million people.

You can find some additional details on the PCBS2 site and its store page on the Epic Games Store.

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