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The author of this article does not want her mother to know that she wrote about condoms and wishes to remain anonymous.

Look, this is college. Some people have sex and some don’t. But if you are going to participate in sexual activity, especially if it involves a penis, it is important to have protection. It is ingrained in the minds of students that if they choose to have sex, protection is important, but the details are never discussed. Many questions remain unanswered. First: Which condom is the best condom for you?

Although NYU doesn’t answer this question during Welcome Week, it does provide each residence with a giant clear box filled with a colorful variety of condoms. However, it is difficult to decide which one to choose. Maybe the one that looks like a rainbow? The one that is strangely blue? Any of these could be right for you, but for this episode of our Ranked series, I tried seven different condoms in a controlled experiment where the condoms were evaluated for taste, elasticity, strength and texture. (These criteria don’t perfectly predict your experience, but they are a good place to start.)

  1. LifeStyles Latex Condom

This condom is much drier than your standard condom. I would like to repeat the word “dry” because that is how it is dry. Not only is it singularly dry, but it’s squared dry. Either way, this condom stretches about 11.5 inches. It’s pretty tight and the texture is powdery. A big plus: this one actually has the best of the seven. If you prefer the absence of lubricant and are fine with a drier feeling, then this condom is for you.

  1. An extra strong

The Extra Strong slips on really well, but it’s uncomfortable to put on, nor is it very suitable for anything thick. It’s not super durable, as it ripped in my experience and tastes like a piece of burnt vanilla that leaves you feeling raw in your mouth. It also doesn’t stretch very long, ranging from 8 to 11 inches.

  1. ONE Flavor Waves: Strawberry Chocolate

The Chocolate Strawberry condom has a really cool color and has a good amount of lubricant. This one is significantly weaker than the aptly named Extra Strong, stretching 13 inches, giving it more flexibility in terms of width. But other than that, there is nothing special about this one. It smells like chocolate strawberries, but the taste is the same as the other condoms: latex. If you were to have a blowjob with a condom, this one might be right for you, since it smells really good.

  1. ONE NYC Legend XL

The XL is THICK. It is lubricated, but not as much as the condoms listed above. It is very smooth and stretches from 14.5 to 17 inches. It still tastes like latex. Nonetheless, it would be an interesting option if it wasn’t presented in a gold packaging titled “NYC Legend XL”. One disappointment is enough for the night.

  1. ONE Extreme Ribs

This one is very lubricated, dripping with lubricant as soon as I tore the packaging. The ribs start to show four inches from the tip and are not very defined. However, they were more defined than the studded condom. The ribbed condom can stretch 13-18 inches with a comfortable wrap. The aroma of latex is still used in this one. If you like more texture during penetrative sex, this could be the condom for you.

  1. Studded atlas

This studded condom is an improved version of the Ribs. It is slightly less lubricated but still very tight and stretchy up to 20.5 inches. The studs start 3 inches from the tip. It tasted a bit like glue. The studs are more noticeable than the ribs, so this could be another good choice for penetration.

  1. A super sensitive NYC

I thought Super Sensitive was the best of the seven condoms. The texture is smooth and stretches up to approximately 18.5 inches. It’s easy to put on and has the perfect amount of lubricant. This one tastes like everyone else, but it’s the simplest one that won’t disappoint or intimidate you. ONE NYC Super Sensitive is definitely the one for you if you are new to the game.

I hope this list will make it easier for you and your partners to find the right condom. And before you go let me tell you more advice: When putting on a condom, be sure to open it, pinch the top, and roll it up carefully. Do not pull the condom out all the way, otherwise it could easily burst. This small bubble is intended for the sperm so as not to create tension and to break everything. Condoms can only protect you if you use them correctly.

A version of this article appeared in the electronic edition of Monday, September 20, 2021. Contact the culture office at [email protected]

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