New condominium coming soon in Panama City

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) — A new subdivision will soon make its way to Panama City.

Panama City commissioners voted unanimously on Tuesday to get to work on a new subdivision.

It’s called Pelican Pass, it’s a gated community, 60-unit condo, spread over two five-story buildings. The complex will include a marina and 49 boat launches. Officials believe this will help attract more people to the area.

“It will add to the density of the city center. The more people walk around, the more people enjoy what’s to come. So people probably have to sign up for those, I think they will go very quickly,” said Panama Mayor Greg Brudnicki.

Panhandle Engineering will help build the condos, President Jim Slonina says they are ready to innovate and rejuvenate the area.

“As engineers, we are very happy to participate, because it is our hometown. This property has been in need of a dress up for quite a while and I’m really glad it’s happening,” Slonina said.

The engineering company has a strict schedule, expecting 60 days for site plans and 60 days for permits. Hoping to innovate in about four months.

Those responsible for this project say they are optimistic about what this new development will mean for the expansion of the city.

“We’re taking on a property that right now isn’t generating a lot of revenue for the city. Because it’s kind of dormant, it’s in a bad place, to do nothing, and now it can be productive,” Brudnicki said.

“This comes at a very opportune time to bring further improvements and developments to the downtown core. When good things happen in a place like Downtown, other developers will bring good things to it. So sometimes some things like this could be raw material for quality development in an area,” Slonina said.

Hoping for a great place for people to live and bring more life to those already there.

The property will be located at 305 East Beach Drive near the bridge over Massalina Bayou.

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