Maranatha dedicates boys’ dormitory at North Indian Adventist school

Maranatha Volunteers International recently participated in the inauguration of a new dormitory for boys at Pola Adventist School, a boarding school in Pola, Punjab, India. Due to ongoing restrictions and pandemic-related challenges, Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders in northern India followed the ceremony via Zoom video conference.

North India Union Chapter President Vijay Pal Singh thanked Maranatha for the changed lives and improvements made to the school. “The transformation on campus is hard to believe,” Singh said.

Pola Adventist School is a boarding school that accommodates dozens of children. With the new buildings, enrollment has increased, executives reported. [Photo: Maranatha Volunteers International]

For decades, Pola Adventist School faithfully served up to 150 students, but there was never room to expand due to a lack of space. So far, Maranatha’s in-country team in Pola, a small village four hours north of New Delhi, has built two classrooms and the boys’ dormitory, which includes a dean’s apartment, a baths and showers. Soon, work will begin on a new girls’ dormitory and cafeteria, Maranatha executives reported.

“Previously, students lived in a much smaller space, with no room to store their belongings. Instead, personal items were kept outside in trunks,” the executives reported. “Now students will have adequate living and storage space.”

The school installed a temporary partition so that the girls could also stay in the new dorm until theirs was completed. Church leaders said they are excited for the future because of Maranatha’s contributions. They recently reported that school enrollment had already increased by 50 students at the start of the school year, even with low attendance due to concerns about the current variant of the omicron coronavirus. According to local leaders, a significant increase is expected once all students return, as the school currently maintains a waiting list of over 100 students.

Pola Boys Dorm 4
The girls enjoy one of the new classrooms at Pola Adventist School. Maranatha now plans to build a new girls’ dormitory and a cafeteria. [Photo: Maranatha Volunteers International]

Recently, Maranatha, a lay-led support ministry of the Adventist Church, reported that it has begun building churches in the eastern Indian state of Manipur. Also in eastern India, Maranatha is constructing a large school building in Falakata, West Bengal. Leaders recently reported that the structure is in place, with windows and some of the brick walls completed. In the west, the ministry recently laid the foundations of a school in Lasalgaon, Maharashtra.

Maranatha has had a continuous presence in India since 1998. It has established an office in the country while building places of worship and education throughout the region. In 2019, Maranatha began drilling water wells in areas in need of drinking water. Maranatha has built over 2,400 structures in India.

the original version of this story was published by Maranatha Volunteers International.

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