Loan comparison: free loans in Latvia

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“Learn more” means more information about the lender. By clicking on the button “Get a loan”, the website of the credit companies for registration will open.

Quick loan 15 minutes

Quick loan 15 minutes

Express loans are a convenient way if you urgently need money. You want to buy something, travel, pay bills or you need to repair a car and know that you can pay off a loan – a quick loan can be a solution. If you need small amounts of money for a period of several weeks, then a quick loan is possible.

Quick loans can be issued in about 15 minutes, without leaving home, without inquiries from the guarantor’s robots. Goodbank can be issued on average 1-2 business days. You need to choose the right loan company, register and apply for a loan. A positive response will transfer the money to your bank account!

First loan for free


Several quick loan lenders offer a first loan free of charge. Only the first time you can get interest-free credit, without interest and without commission.

Also, fast credit companies offer their customers a second time to take a loan with a message. You need to send an SMS message and the money in a few minutes will be in your bank account!

Annual interest rate

Annual interest rate, total cost of the loan. The annual interest rate includes the total repayment of the loan, including interest and other amounts that are needed. This rate reflects the annual service charge.

Financial responsibility

If you pay a loan on time, then quick loans require 0.75% to mat. There are credit companies that require extra money for a reminder – a letter. Exact information on fines can be found on the lender’s website.

It is possible to apply 24 hours a day.

It is possible to apply for a quick loan on the Internet at any time, but the answer will only be during business hours. Apply for a loan only if you are sure you can repay the loan on time. A loan debt can damage your credit history, and in the future there will be borrowing problems.



Annual Interest Rate (GPS) is the interest rate that is calculated in accordance with the rules. GPS includes all costs that a client may have in connection with an agreement, commission a fee.

E-Money – when borrowing 500 € for 36 months, the interest rate on the loan is 59.33%; monthly payment of 30 €; annual interest rate of 79.88%; total cost of the loan is 1080 €.

Goodbank – when borrowing 500 € for 12 months, a monthly payment of 68.68 €, total loan costs are 824.10

Goodcredit – upon borrowing 300 € for 3 months, term with extension, fee 71.41 €, total loan costs amounted to.