Lazada offers million dollar condominium as of 11.11 2021

What do you think when you hear ‘reveal‘? Tokens, trinkets, paraphernalia, the occasional decent stuff, Oprah giving away new cars? For that 11.11, Lazada surpasses it all and will host the biggest giveaway ever for 11.11 in Singapore. Lazada will be is to give a one bedroom condominium unit in Normanton Park, which is valued at S $ 1,000,000.

Yes really.


Co-sponsored by PropNex, Singapore’s largest local real estate agency, buyers can increase their chances of hitting that $ 1 million prize by purchasing the Monopoly PropNex Edition. The game is specially designed with Singapore real estate rules in mind and each game is only an hour long, reflecting the fast paced local way of life.

This is probably the most effective way to promote a board game. Buy the game, have a chance to win an apartment.

Details of the giveaway will be announced on TV, radio, outdoor advertising, social media, etc. After all, if someone asks “Do you want to win a condo?” It can be very hard to believe. We’re not even sure we’re dreaming right now.


As more details about the giveaway are revealed, buyers will find out how they can gain more chances of winning by collecting up to 34 Gold Keys through a series of missions, games, and more. Find out and stay informed about it epic gift here (only works if you are on mobile and the Lazada app is installed).

Seriously, our jaws have dropped so completely and completely.

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