High winds caused the stairwell of the Sharpstown condominium complex to partially collapse, residents say

HOUSTON – High winds from Wednesday’s severe weather event caused a partial collapse of a stairwell at a Sharpstown condominium building.

When resident Mary Cherry first heard the wind outside her condo on Sands Point Drive in Sharpstown, she said she was far from panicked.

“I said it was just a big gust of wind,” she said.

But when she got out, she said she saw her neighbour’s stairwell had partially collapsed.

“There’s no way a light gust of wind could cause this kind of thing,” Cherry said.

Debris also collided with Greg Tibideaux’s bedroom window.

“The view is wider, it’s basically the same view without my window,” he joked.

Tibideaux said the incident happened around 9:30 a.m.

“I was just sleeping here,” he said, pointing to his bed by the window. “The whole thing just woke me up. All that stuff was on me when I got up.

He said that even though he was covered in shards of glass, he was grateful things hadn’t gotten worse.

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“I had to rinse a lot of glass on me,” Tibideaux said. “I have to say Jesus was awesome because I wasn’t completely cut off.”

No one in the condominium building was injured.

The National Weather Service inspected the area and said a tornado had not touched down, but confirmed there were strong winds.

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