Gayle King asked to leave CBS building following positive Covid test result

tv personality Gayle King started his week with an unwanted positive COVID test. The host tested positive for COVID and was ushered out of the CBS building. This news came after the talk show co-host had already handled the morning episode of the day near other anchors.

Although she could not determine where she contracted the virus, the 67-year-old had previously visited Dr. Nad Far Lev for an extracorporeal pulse activation therapy appointment. She also attended the Katy Perry show in Las Vegas and shared a backstage photo with the pop star a week before she tested positive.

In the video posted by King, she was seen talking to other unmasked members of the CBS group while being led out of the building. In another video, she revealed that the only symptom present was a mild cold which she hadn’t thought of before.

Gayle King tested positive for COVID

King recently announced his positive test for COVID via his Instagram account. On Monday morning, the “CBS Mornings” co-host posted a clip of herself talking to the camera while still in the CBS building. After taking a workplace COVID precaution test, the result came back positive.

In the video taken in the lobby, the anchor was seen wearing two face masks while speaking to the camera. “Okay, the thing I was dreading has finally happened. I just tested positive for…I got ‘rona’. The 67-year-old added that she needed to be tested again for ensure that the first result was not a false positive.

She was, however, asked to leave the building shortly after the result came back positive. She continued, “We’ll take one more just to be sure, but in the meantime I’ve been asked to leave the building and go home,” she continued.

King stopped to talk to other CBS crew members

Despite being asked to leave, King was shown in the 35-second video stopping and exchanging pleasantries with some unmasked CBS crew members. She also spoke to one of her co-presenters, Nate Burleson, who was not wearing a face mask.

Burleson was shown walking towards her and exchanging pleasantries. Someone behind the camera warned him, saying, “You shouldn’t – keep walking, Nate, you don’t have a mask on.”

A CBS employee urged the co-host to leave the building and she replied, “I’m leaving. I’m leaving.” King ended the video with, “[It] finally happened to me, i’m double vaxxed and bragged. Go figure.” The post was captioned, “My turn…”

The positive COVID test result was discovered after the 67-year-old hosted the Monday morning episode of the CBS talk show. There King discussed Vladimir Duthiers’ band Sound on Tape and was joined by Burleson, Tony Dokoupil and Duthiers.

King said his symptoms were mild

In a separate video, King opened up about the situation revealing that she had three PCR tests and one home test, and they all came back positive. “It feels like I have to accept reality,” she said. “I had three PCR tests, all positive. Then I went home and did a home test – two lines that mean it’s positive.

The CBS anchor added that she was appalled by the result and initially hoped it was a false alarm. “It’s not good. I’ve had four tests that all say positive. I was hoping it would be a false alarm because I’ve had two before.

King admitted that after developing a “mild cold” over the weekend, which didn’t seem out of place as she had them from time to time, she took the test and it came back positive. She said: “Let’s just hope my symptoms stay mild because right now it really does feel like a cold – a mild cold.”

Gayle King once got a false positive COVID test result

King had a positive COVID test alert four months earlier. In February, she announced she would host “CBS Mornings” from the back of a van parked outside the studio after testing positive for COVID. She mentioned her shock at the result because she was “so careful”.

The host revealed that when she tested positive, she collapsed on the floor and had to “literally be picked up” by CBS executive producer Shawna Thomas. According to her, the decision to film in the van resulted from an “abundance of caution”.

However, the result turned out to be a false alarm. King revealed that after the first result, she had several negative tests. She then added that she would be going on vacation to Los Angeles, California, as planned, the next day.

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