Faculty-in-Residence Recalls Halloween Memories with Girls and Dorm Residents

Dr. Nicole McAninch, Professor in Residence at Kokernot Hall, with her children. Photo courtesy of Dr. Nicole McAninch.

By Jessica Rajkumar | Journalist

With Halloween around the corner, people are finding that they have to adjust their spooky season traditions to stay safe from COVID-19. On the Baylor campus, faculty in residence must also do the same.

At Kokernot Hall, the McAnich family had to change their Halloween traditions in which the whole dorm participated.

Dr. Nicole McAnich, of Kokernot’s Faculty in Residence, encourages her two daughters, Catelin and Callie, to enjoy the spirit of Halloween. Since they had been living in the residence, their “feast nights” consisted of girls in disguise, running through the hallways to make treats and meeting the women of Kokernot, which ultimately created a community in which the girls could. to grow.

Callie describes her experience as “fun because we meet new people and their names.”

Catelin reflected on the bond she had formed with the women in the residences and how close they are. She remembers fondly “we call them our sisters”

McAnich’s Foodie Night also brought joy to the women living in the Kokernot Room during the spooky season. Vail, Colorado, sophomore Valeria Favela Cano lived in Kokernot last year and was able to participate in the sleight of hand with the young girls.

“I will never forget the joy the girls brought with them,” Cano said. “They were so lively and energetic, and it brought new energy that our Halloween needed during the stressful times of mid-term and exams.”

Dr. McAnich shares her joy in seeing how her daughters interact with the community around them. She continues to explain how her children participate in the decoration and get involved in the spirit of the holidays.

“A lot of kids are passive participants, they dress up and fetch candy,” said Dr McAnich, as his children thrive in an environment where they are encouraged to fully engage in the mind. Halloween.

While the plan this year is to go visit family outside of Baylor to protect themselves and those around them from the virus, McAnich expresses the joy she has that her children are usually “participants. active in creating Halloween “.

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