College to renovate health center, start other construction projects

Olds bathrooms will be redone. | Collegiate Archives

The health center will expand as part of one of many construction projects that will begin this spring and summer.

Renovation of the Ambler Health and Wellness Center will begin when materials become available, which will likely be before the end of the semester, according to Administrative director Rich Pewe.

“In the 11 years that I have been here, we have noticed a steady increase in the number of students and staff accessing healthcare services, both medical and counselling,” said the director of services at health, Brock Lutz. “We are running out of space to meet people and many parts of our beautiful building are definitely in need of repair or renovation.”

An addition to the rear of the health clinic will house an additional examination room and two additional offices that will serve as ancillary rooms for medical examinations or counselling. A new large multipurpose room will be used for group therapy, staff meetings, chiropractic services and other services.

Built in the late 1800s, the health center is one of the oldest buildings on campus. The building was a gift to the college in 1919 by Judge William E. Ambler, Hillsdale alumnus and trustee. With the increase in the number of patients, including students, staff and staff families, the health center needs more rooms, another nursing station and more counseling rooms, according to center staff.

The project will also include the renovation of the upper level of the health center and the replacement of all windows in the building. A new entrance, including a wheelchair-accessible ramp, will replace the current entrance, creating more space for parking.

Renovations will likely be completed in the fall, Péwé said.

“It will help our current operations by having a more efficient flow for patients accessing medical services,” Lutz said. “We always talk about the importance of the life of the whole person and know that to be truly healthy, we must focus on the physical, emotional, mental, social, behavioral and spiritual well-being of each person we let’s see.”

Other construction projects around campus will also begin soon.

Once the college completes construction of the new contact center in downtown Hillsdale, it will renovate the Kendall Hall basement to include approximately 13 additional faculty offices to create enough office space for members. current and newly hired faculty.

“We already have three offices there and we will have a total of 16 office spaces for teachers, so we have a bit of room to expand,” Péwé said.

Péwé said the security office would move from its location at 25 Galloway Drive to the lower level of the Knorr Student Center, making it more accessible to students.

“Students won’t have to cross the street to get to security,” Péwé said.

Between this spring and June, the marketing department will move from the third floor of Moss Hall to The Stanton Foundation Center for Classical Education, formerly known as Mauck Elementary School, joins the offices of the Barney Charter School Initiative.

“The long-term plan is to build a media building there with a much larger studio for marquee teams than we would build near Mauck School,” Péwé said.

Additionally, Péwé said there are plans to renovate the bathrooms at the Olds residence this summer.

“It’s an older building and I think the bathrooms are where you notice it the most,” said Rachel Marinko, manager of Olds House.

Péwé said it expects the renovation of the Olds to be completed before the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

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