Centennial Center Condominium Gets Approval

By Kevin Boneske
Personal editor

HOBART — After meeting behind closed doors on Tuesday, Dec. 7, Village Council approved a development agreement with New Wall Street, LLC, to construct a four-story, 38-unit condominium building at Centennial Center.

Village administrator Aaron Kramer said the agreement provides additional financial incentives, which include a reduced cost to purchase the land, incentive payments and future property tax abatements.

When the project was considered by the board last year, Bernie Van Eperen, a New Wall Street partner, told the Press Times that the multi-million dollar development known as The Highlander will be ” a beautiful structure to showcase Hobart”.

“It should be a good bookend, a good face for Hobart because it’s right off (State) Highway 29,” he said.

Van Eperen said there aren’t many condominium developments outside of the Green Bay metropolitan area, and that the completion of the Highway 29/County VV interchange will get from Centennial Center to Lambeau. Field in about 12 minutes.

PDD Amendment

Prior to the closed-door discussion, council amended height and setback regulations in the Centennial Center Planned Development District (PDD) when it approved an amendment to the village code.

Kramer said the PDD amendment is not just about The Highlander condominium project, “but several others under discussion that are multi-story.”

Planning and Code Compliance Manager Todd Gerbers said the amendment gives the village more flexibility in the maximum building heights allowed.

“The cost of property right now, unfortunately, is going up, increasing the height of buildings, mixed-use buildings, that sort of thing,” he said.

Gerbers said the code change will also bring waiver requests in the PDD to the board for final approval, rather than the appeal board.

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