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10 years and over Strata Residential Multi-Owner (Gold)

Condominium Parc Kiara

Three decades old, Kiara Park is Taman Tun Dr Ismail’s oldest condominium in Kuala Lumpur, but it is well maintained and, more importantly, has remained relevant to its residents. It’s no surprise, then, that Kiara Park Condominium won Gold in the 10+ Years Residential Strata category held by multiple owners of EdgeProp Malaysia’s 2021 Best Managed and Sustainable Property Awards.

Kiara Park Management Corporation (MC) Secretary Lawrence Loh, who has been a resident since 2008, shares the MC’s goals are to maintain the building structures, amenities and landscape to current standards to enhance its value; and encourage a harmonious living environment at Kiara Park.

According to Loh, residents are working hand in hand with Kiara Park Management Corporation and have appointed property manager Henry Butcher Malaysia Mont Kiara Sdn Bhd (HBMK) to achieve these goals. Some even share their personal resources to face problems and find innovative solutions, thus helping to reduce maintenance costs.

“At Kiara Park, we love DIY, from designing, manufacturing and installing components like pool lights and street lights to planning data communications cables for guard posts. To repaint our structures, we go as far as purchasing paint directly from the manufacturers, ”explains Loh.

The resort-style 11-acre development houses 351 residences in seven 4-story blocks and an 18-story skyscraper. It comes with various facilities amidst a mature landscape featuring 400 trees. According to the MC, Kiara Park’s unit prices have almost increased tenfold from the developer’s selling price. A ground floor unit has been the subject of a transaction for over RM 900 psf in 2020.

“While Kiara Park has a wonderful family-centered social environment, there is an underlying drive to ensure that our development does not become stale and irrelevant. Currently around 15% of our residents are expatriates, many of whom are owners who have made Kiara Park, in their own words, their kampung, ”says Andrew Wong, outgoing MC treasurer, who has lived there for over 13 years. .

Make tough decisions for the good of all

At the end of the afternoon, the condominium is often occupied by residents who take advantage of its facilities such as the swimming pool, badminton court, tennis court, gym and ice rink. “Therefore, we faced a challenge during the period of the Covid-19 movement control order when we had to restrict the use of equipment. We are grateful to a courageous MC who was ready to make decisions, however unpopular, for the well-being of our community, ”said Wong.

Another case where the committee’s decision drew criticism was the redevelopment of the main guard post, until the MC explained his reasons.

“The widening of the track allowed the fire trucks to have enough free space to enter our property, while an additional bathroom and pantry made life easier for our guards as well as anyone who needs to answer an urgent call from nature. We have also added a covered waiting area to protect against rain and sun.

“Today all residents benefit from the added functionality of the upgrade and we would like to think that there is growing confidence among residents in the MC and their decisions,” Loh said.

He also recalls the initial outcry over the cost of replacing the old elevator system in the high rise block, especially from those who did not live in that block.

“However, with a reminder that all residents were in the same boat, regardless of which block we live in, tensions between residents have been eased. In our experience, most dissenting opinions are due to technical ignorance, while some are tweezers. These are usually resolved through rational dialogue or a vote at our annual general meeting, ”adds Loh.

Loh and Wong both believe that an MC needs the courage to make tough, informed decisions and be prepared to take responsibility for each one.

During this time, HBMK served Kiara Park for over 18 years, sharing the many ups and downs of running the property with the MC.

“We really appreciate the opportunity to serve the community of Kiara Park, from which we have gained a wealth of experience. We would not have come this far without the great support of the MC as well as the residents, ”said Low Hon Keong, Managing Director of HBMK.

The keys to success

According to Loh and Wong, behind the successful management of Kiara Park are the “generous residents who put their professional expertise, personal time and financial resources to serve the needs of the community; a team of passionate individuals, technically competent, compatible on the relational level and integrated in the MC, assisted by a team of solidary property management; and a shared vision to keep Kiara Park great for a long time to come ”.

“Sustainable property management is not just about managing a building, but cultivating a mutually respectful and harmonious community. What is the use of a beautiful development with constant conflicts and self-centeredness among residents?

“Harmony breeds unity and a community spirit where people serve willingly for the good of all,” says Wong.

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This story first appeared in the E-weekly on April 9, 2021. You can access back issues here.

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