Apple TV Gets New “Up Next” Feature + Support for College Dorm and Hotel Wi-Fi Networks

We don’t usually see too many improvements included in Apple’s tvOS updates, especially when it comes to point releases. This time around, however, it looks like tvOS 15.4 is adding some small but interesting new features to improve the viewing experience for Apple users. TV app and help people connect to public Wi-Fi networks more easily.

A subtle but important change that Apple has shared in the tvOS 15.4 Beta Release Notes is support for captive Wi-Fi networks. This refers to the type of public or semi-public Wi-Fi networks that require you to authenticate yourself in some way through a web page before you can access the Internet.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of agreeing to the terms of service, while other times users may need to provide information such as an email address or even sign in to a user account. ‘user.

While we don’t think too many people will connect their Apple TVs to their local Starbucks’ Wi-Fi, we can see this feature being useful in places like college dorms, which is basically what Apple suggests. that she is destined. It can also be handy if you want to take your Apple TV with you for use in your hotel room on the go.

Captive Wi-Fi network support on tvOS lets you use your iPhone or iPad to connect your Apple TV to networks that require additional connection steps, such as in hotels or dorm rooms.Apple

Although we haven’t had a chance to test this one yet, the release notes suggest that the UI for joining a captive Wi-Fi network will be displayed on the user’s iPhone or iPad. , so it doesn’t sound like the Apple TV gets a built-in web browser for it.

More “Next” options

There’s another set of changes in tvOS 15.4 coming soon TV app, which will give you more control over how your content plays.

Right now, when you finish watching a TV show on Apple TV, it just continues with the next episode, and when you finish a movie, it stops. That should change in tvOS 15.4, however, which will now give you an “Up Next” queue so you can skip straight to another show on your following list without having to return to the look now screen.

Judge Sigmund, of Screen hoursat tweeted a short video showing how it works:

Judge also highlights a few other changes he found in tvOS 15.4, which we’ve also confirmed, as well as some findings of our own:

  1. Spatial audio controls for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max have been revamped with a cleaner layout to make them more intuitive.
  2. Press to navigate returned to screen Physics and motor Accessibility settings. This was removed last year, but it’s an important feature for people who can’t press or slide buttons on the Apple TV remote; it allows users to navigate up, down, left, and right by pressing the ring instead.
  3. A new Next view The TV app setting lets you choose whether your Apple TV shows a poster or a still image in the watch list for the next hour. This is located under Settings > apps > TV.

In recent versions of tvOS 15 points, Apple has also quietly added new aerial screensavers for Iceland and Scotland, improved the display of Memories in the Pictures app, and added a “Store” section to the TV application.

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