App State Details Details of Hidden Camera Above Her Dormitory Shower; “I hate that it’s me”

BOONE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – An Appalachian State University employee now faces “secret gazing” charges after using his phone to watch girls in the bathroom at a women-only residence, according to the police.

It is certainly a very traumatic event for the students who live at Eggers Hall. Many girls even move.

FOX 46 spoke exclusively to the student who actually found the phone in a vent above her shower.

“I was sort of standing there and I was in shock at what I just saw,” said Eggers resident Sarah Sells. “I tell myself there’s no way I just saw a camera in the vent, you know.”

A phone in the vent was the last thing Sells expected to see during his morning shower.

“I pay to feel safe and I pay to live here,” she said. “I don’t expect this stuff to happen to me or anyone.”

What was supposed to be part of her normal morning routine has turned into an absolute nightmare.

“When I go to take a shower now, I don’t feel the same anymore,” she said. “It’s just different. I feel uncomfortable, honestly.

She looked up on a Friday morning and noticed the most disturbing sight possible while bathing in her dorm bathroom. There was a phone recording of an open vent above.

“I was unsuspecting and I look up and see a phone,” she said. “I haven’t heard anything in this closet before, until I saw and heard him dig behind the wall.”

The phone she spotted belongs to 49-year-old Jerry McGlamery. He’s an employee of Appalachian State Facilities Operations. He is accused of using his cell phone in the third floor bathroom vent to spy on the students.

“I feel really, really uncomfortable,” Eggers resident Jordan Baines said. “Because I don’t know if I’m there or not. “

“It’s not a very good kind of freshman hurray,” Eggers resident Autumn Ash said. “It’s very scary to know that if one person could do this, anyone else could at any time.”

Residents of Eggers Hall no longer feel safe in their own living space.

“They don’t tell people who’s over there,” Baines said. “So I could be there and not know it. We don’t know what was done with them, they could be on the internet or anywhere. I feel very in danger.

“Choosing to have an all-female dorm and random men is very scary,” Ash said. “Especially now that people are checking us in.”

As for Sarah, she hopes her dark discovery may have saved other students from the pain and fear she feels now. “I hate that it’s me,” she said. “But I’m also glad it’s me, because maybe another girl wouldn’t have seen it.”

Sarah says she intends to press charges.

Counseling services have been made available to students who live in Eggers Hall and have been affected.

The open vent has since been closed and the ventilation system has been inspected.

McGlamery was placed on investigative leave pending further investigation by the DPA. He has not worked on campus since October 15 and is not allowed to return.

This investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the App State Police Department at 828-262-8000 or [email protected]

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