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If all the funds are exhausted, no savings have been made, and, as a back-up option, there is no way to get a cash loan online. Online Cash Loans – These are quick loans that are only 15 minutes long and do not require any paperwork, pledge or guarantee . See for further editorial

Importantly, the best loans are free 

Importantly, the best loans are free 

They are available to all new clients who are borrowing for the first time with a particular lender. The first credit offers you the opportunity to save because you won’t have to pay a penny for the service provided – “How much you will borrow, you will pay back!”

Best Loans Free – Who Are These Loans For?

  • Permanent residents of the Republic of Latvia aged 18 to 75;
  • Persons with regular income who will be able to cover the loan repayment;
  • For persons who have not defaulted on credit and for late payments;
  • Persons who have their own bank account and mobile phone number.

Quick loans are also granted to individuals who do not have – if they have other – sufficient funds available to cover the repayment of the cash loan they receive.

The most advantageous free loans are short term loans

The most advantageous free loans are short term loans

Quick credit is only for a temporary bank account and wallet void period. Exactly 30 days is the repayment time most lenders give to pay back their borrowers. However, there is also the option of extending this deadline – although it is a paid service, it can often be useful.

Best Loans Free – Choose a Secured Lender:

E-Money instant credit within 15 minutes:

  • E-Money fast credit free of charge – for 30 days – from 50 to 150 lats;
  • E-Money borrowers can be between 20 and 65 years of age with a good credit history and regular income;
  • Fourth time E-Money loan is received – it is possible to get a loan up to 350 lats;
  • Loans without any documents – E-Money accepts loan applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Take a look and apply for a loan

Goodbank Fast Credit – for Different Needs and Purposes:

  • Goodbank loan free of charge – up to 45 days – from 10 to 100 lats;
  • Goodbank Borrower – a person between the ages of 21 and 70 with an open bank account and a mobile phone number;
  • From the fifth borrowing at Goodbank – credit up to 400 lats;
  • You can apply for a Goodbank cash loan 24 hours a day – no documents or formalities required;
  • Get to know, apply and get the fastest credit

The best loans are free – borrow, if you know you can repay it on time


Remember that the phrase “How much to borrow will repay” applies only if you do not need to extend the loan repayment period. Because deferral is a paid service – which will significantly increase the amount of money you will need to repay to the lender.

Be sure to borrow responsibly, and choose the right lender and quick credit. In Good Finance’s Credit Comparison Chart, you will find a convenient and simple comparison between lenders to make the right choice. Choose the best – borrow with responsibility and wisely!